Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

When you are planning a wedding, the to-do-list can feel endless. Somewhere near the top of the list will probably be your wedding flowers. You may be completely set on the colours and theme, so deciding on how you want your wedding flowers to look may be fairly straightforward. However, it isn’t always like this! Pinterest is a brilliant source for ideas, but you may find yourself pinning hundreds of flowery images in a whole array of different styles which doesn’t really help with nailing what it is you really want.

The below tips outline the types of things to consider when choosing your wedding bouquet. The bouquet sets the tone for the rest of the arrangements so this is often the most important arrangement to start with.

1. Types of Flowers

There is a wide array of flowers to choose from depending on the cost and season, including tall delphiniums and lupins, and round roses and ranunculus. Choosing seasonal flowers is the most cost-effective option and will be available in abundance. You could even incorporate British flowers if your florist is local to a flower farm to keep things really sustainable. British blooms offer that wild, country cottage look and are usually highly scented. They will also be as fresh as can be which is a really lovely option for wedding arrangements.

2. Shape

Oversized wild and textured bridal bouquets have really taken centre stage over the last few years and this style won’t be going away any time soon!

Photo credit: Ayelle Photography

Don’t feel the pressure to follow this trend though. If you prefer a more structured, neater one then go for it! You can always balance out the more traditional bouquet by having large venue arrangements, such as milk churns filled with tall flowers.

3. Colors

Your gorgeous bouquet will complement the venue and dress. You could either co-ordinate your bouquet with matching bold flower colours to the bridesmaid outfits, or go for neutral, warm colours for a softer look.

Photo credit: Binky Nixon Photography

4. Size

Bridal bouquets come in different sizes depending on how comfortable you are holding it. Remember, large bouquets are fabulous – but heavy!

You could have a smaller one to really accentuate your dress or an oversized one to counteract your dazzling wedding gown.

Photo credit: Natalie Stevenson Photography

5. Scent

Not many imported flowers have a scent anymore unfortunately. If you are keen on having a lovely aroma to your bouquet then make sure to ask your florist to incorporate a suitable mixture of scented flowers, herbs and foliage otherwise you may find that there isn’t much to smell when carrying your arrangement.

6. Greenery

Foliage, foliage, foliage. This is probably one of the top requests when discussing flower arrangements at consultations, especially eucalyptus! Foliage can either add a dramatic look or soften the bouquet, depending on what is used. You don’t always have to have much foliage though as bigger bold flowers such as dahlias and peonies can look more impactful without it.

Photo credit: Two-D Photography

7. Bridesmaids

Once you’ve decided on your bridal bouquet look, you could either have your bridesmaids bouquets match yours, or they could be a more simpler style with less flowers. They don’t even need to have bouquets if you don’t want them to - corsages or floral hoops work well too.

Photo credit: Suzy Wimbourne Photography

8. Meanings and Symbolism

Many flowers have been attributed with meanings. Your bouquet flowers could symbolise what your relationship means to you. The list below outlines a few different flowers and what they symbolise:

● Roses: Red – Love and Passion, Yellow – Joy

● Hydrangea – Romance, Heartfelt Emotions, Purity

● Chrysanthemum – Optimism, Perfection

● Baby’s Breath – Everlasting Love and Innocence

● Daisy – Innocence, Purity, New Beginnings, True Love

● Carnation – Love, Fascination, Distinction

● Peony – Romantic Love, Beauty

9. Extras

Silk trailing ribbons provide a real romantic look to your bouquet, whilst hessian is perfect for a rustic wedding theme. Speak to your florist about what type of ribbon to have on your bouquet as there is a variety of options available.

Photo credit: Jon Whiles Photography

To make your bouquet even more special and unique, you could include a photo charm of a loved one who can't be at your wedding. Just mention this to your florist before the wedding so they can ensure that is can be properly attached.

Photo credit: Suzy Wimbourne Photography

If you would like to chat about wedding flowers then why not book in for a no obligation consultation? Feel free to send me an email or fill in the wedding enquiry form here.