Buttonholes Inspiration

When I speak to couples at a consultation, one of the things that often crops up is the uncertainty about what the buttonholes should look like. I also find that many men are concerned about having a huge buttonhole and will make it clear that they do not want to wear a big flower! The style of these mini bunches of flowers and foliage have definitely evolved over recent years. Just five, six years ago, they were still very traditional and mainly featured a focal flower which tied in with the bridal bouquet, such as a rose, plus perhaps a sprig of gypsophila, along with some foliage. The stems would be tied with tape to keep the moisture in and the flowers and foliage lasting as long as possible throughout the day.

More rustic, boho buttonhole posies are popular now and the stems are left open and tied with a bit of twine to fit the theme. I must admit, I love making these and enjoy picking out a selection of the smaller flowers which would work well.

I thought that I would show you some images of buttonholes I have created which hopefully will provide a bit of inspiration if you or your partner are unsure about what the buttonhole would look like.

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